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Building Pre-Interview Relationships

| August 6, 2013 | 0 Comments

There are many things you can do to build a relationship with the Hosts/Producers of a television/radio or videotaped show prior to the interview.

First thing to do is get into the mentality of not what they can do for YOU, but ask yourself what value can you provide them. Below are some Dream Tips that work well for me, and my clients.building relationships

Tip 1: Before each interview, go “Like” the shows Facebook page and interact with them. Let them know you are looking forward to being on their show and do it publicly. You a creating a “Buzz” about yourself, your product, and their show! Do the same thing on Twitter (Tweet them out) and other social media platforms.

Tip 2: Go Google the show and the people who will be interviewing you before you appear on the show. Start taking an interest in the things they like, the things they do (not in a weird stalker-ish way), and use your new-found knowledge for discussions or opportunities you may hear of in the future, for THEM, not you. It is still about them.

Tip 3: Let people (your family, friends and fans) know what day and time you will be interviewed; provide them with a link to the shows website, and even invite them to participate in your interview – if the show is formatted that way. You can’t expect the show to provide you with the total audience.

Remember you have to play the leading role in your success. Don’t just be the leading role – Be the STAR!


These tips are excerpts from Michelle’s ebook, “Dream Tips From A Publicist.”

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Michelle Colon-Johnson is the Founder of 2 Dream Productions, Inc. a book publicist company that specializes in working with authors and speakers get more publicity to sell their books and products. To learn more about Michelle, and 2 Dream Productions, visit her website at

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