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Where To Begin Publicity On Your Book

You’ve completed your book, now you want to market it. “So Where Do I Begin?”

That’s a good question! First, You determine your target market and goal for your book, then that is where I (a publicist) come in!

One area I focus on in helping my authors successfully sell their books is to strategically place them on radio show interviews. The shows I place them on are determined by their target market. Once I know the target market I then reach out to specific radio show hosts and producers to book interviews for my clients to get their message out, and radio can be a great way to get your word out to millions of people.

So, now you are saying, “Is It Just That Easy?”  book-colorful-pages-kharlamova-123RF

Good thing you asked! It’s not quite that easy. You need a system. Because I want you to succeed I will let you in on a few things that Radio Stations/Host or Producers will ask you to provide them with when interviewing you.

Dream Tip 1: Send a copy of your book /product to the Hosts/Producers, most of whom will want to read or try out your product before interviewing you. If you have an eBook, provide them with a “FREE” download of your book, or a PDF copy.

Dream Tip 2: Most shows will ask that you provide 5-10 questions you would want the host to ask about your product or service (during the show), so make sure you go through your book and/or list the qualities of the top 5-10 things that would best get your message out. These questions are often be referred to as “Talking Points.”

Dream Tip 3: Hosts/Producers request that you send in pictures for their use. It is always good to provide them copies in both high and low resolution. By providing them both it cuts back on the emailing back and forth for what they might need.

Below are the three different kinds of photos that are most commonly requested. Shows use these, along with their media shout outs and announcements, to create a “BUZZ” about you, and let people know that you will be a guest on their show.

  1. They ask for ‘relevant’ pictures to share in the media. Relevant pictures are pictures that might promote you with your product/book. It could be at an event; it could be a picture of your book/product in the stores, or even a fan spotting of your book/product
  2. A head shot of yourself
  3. A JPEG of your book

Dream Tip 4: Hosts/Producers will always ask you for your contact number and usually a backup number. The contact number is often used to identify you when you are calling into the show. The backup number is needed in the event there is an emergency.

Anything could happen – there could be a last minute cancellation before the show; a delay in the show; or you could even get disconnected while on the air. Bottom line is, they need to be able to contact you. (Most of my clients often offer more than one backup number.)

Dream Tip 5: While cell phones are acceptable for interviewing – a land line is still preferred for a better connection. There is also less likelihood that you will drop a call. If you do call from a cell phone make sure you are in an area that has good coverage. You don’t want to be a double for – “Can You Hear Me Now” (unless you are on camera). If you are traveling it is best to pull over and give the show your full attention, not to mention that this could be dangerous, and we prefer to be promoting your product/book not watching the 5 o’clock news announce how there was a 10-car pileup because some famous author was doing a radio interview while driving.

Dream Tip 6: Always provide a small bio of yourself and your accomplishments.

The more the interviewer knows about you, the more they can share with their audience.

Dream Tip 7: Provide a small bio describing your book/product. Think of this part as if you were reading the back of a book before you buy it in the store. Make the host/producer excited to have you on their show and interviewing you!

Dream Tip 8: Hosts/Producers will often ask you for a mailing address. People like to have this information for their data bases, and believe it or not some people still write thank you notes! (Make sure you make it a point to write one to the Host/Producer of each show you are on. You want each Host/Producer, big or small, to feel like you offered them value. You want them to ask you to come back and share your message over and over again.)

As Bob Burg, co-author of The Go-Giver says, “You want to make them walking ambassadors of your brand,” and when you have a new book or product out you want them to remember you! You are not just selling your book or product you are sellingYOU! (Remember this always!)


These tips are excerpts from Michelle’s ebook, “Dream Tips From A Publicist.”

Michelle is looking for your best tips, strategies and inspiring stories on Publicity for her upcoming “Lessons From Publicity” book. If you would like to learn more about how to contribute, and get a FREE download of Michelle’s “Dream Tips From A Publicist” (no submission required), click here.



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Michelle Colon-Johnson is the Founder of 2 Dream Productions, Inc. a book publicist company that specializes in working with authors and speakers get more publicity to sell their books and products. To learn more about Michelle, and 2 Dream Productions, visit her website at

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